Termite Control Services & Homeowner Termite Contracts in Myrtle Beach, SC

Wood Destroying Termites Must GO!

Termite Letter CL 100 Inspections

Complete Pest Management can get rid of these pesky wood destroying termites.

Look at these nasty termites completely destroing the wood leaving this home weak and in danger of collapse.

CPM offers more than simple pest control. When you become one of our customers you can rest assured that your pest control needs come first. Our personable and experienced staff is always ready to listen to your concerns and then offer the best solution for you and your family. Most times resulting in an organic, safe and effective treatment.

If you need termite extermination, termite inspections, termite homeowner contracts,  or if you need an official South Carolina Wood Infestation Report (CL-100) to sell your home you need the Myrtle Beach exterminators at Complete Pest Management. Call today for a fast estimate.

CPM Offers Wood Destroying Insect Treatment for:

Carpenter ants

Moisture Control for:

Decaying fungi
Vapor barriers
Temperature controlled vents

CPM offers:

Annual termite inspections
Real estate certifications inspections

We do Wood Repairs for:
Termite damage
Moisture damage
We use integrated pest management programs for prevention, control and elimination of all pest problems.

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